Your front door should be as interesting as
you are! The front entry door is a
statement, a handshake to your home.  
What does yours say about you?

Are your doors drafty, beat up, water
damaged or just old and outdated?

Have the big box installers told you that
your idea for a front entrance is too
complex and beyond their abilities?

We install all manner of doors. We often
create custom doors and surrounds,
porches, porticos, landings, decks and

We’ll tackle the projects the other guys won’t. Whether it’s
a simple 1/2 day install or a complete re-making of your
front entrance that took months for you to design, we can
do it.
M.W. Before
M.W. was sick and tired of
the generic, builder grade,
6  panel steel door with two
side lites and a transom on
her front entrance. It did not
reflect her personal style in
any way and also allowed
too much light into the foyer.
She spent a long time
coming up with a design she
liked but couldn't find any
one willing to do anything
but change out the existing
unit for another one the
same size and style. Until
she called us!
Contact us for a free estimate.
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Contact us for a free estimate.
Call 757-286-9340 or
We met with M.W. several times discussing styles and materials until we
were sure we could bring her vision to life. This was not a typical
installation. We re-framed the opening and extended the walls on the
interior. We installed a beautiful fiberglass door with a mahogany woodgrain
and finish. We finished it off with Fypon Pilasters and Crosshead. As you
can see the end result  was beautiful! And matched M.W.'s original sketch
almost exactly!
This was our favorite project of  2012.
Got a project others are afraid to touch?
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Many contractors can install an exterior door.  But do they
take the extra steps to make sure your door is secure
from the elements?  Is the moisture plane properly
wrapped to keep water away from the wood on your door
frame? Did they caulk not only below the door but 6” up
each side of the jamb? Did they caulk below the door?  Is
the door flashed to keep the water out?
It’s the little details that make the difference between your
door being secure for 20+ years or just 5-10.
Our doors and windows do not leak.

“Our patio door leaked every time it
rained. We had to place towels along the
door to keep the water  from ruining the
wood floors in our den.  Hurricane Sandy
was due to blow in over the weekend. Bill
and Martha reworked their schedule to get
our new sliding door installed before the
storm.  I was skeptical but after 3 days of
constant rain, No Leaks! I am overjoyed!”  
D.M. Virginia Beach
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